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KF6UME for a signal report, please

After at least a year off the air and TWO years off the blog, I plugged my trusty FT-857d back in and tuned in to the local VHF SOARA repeaters. I gave a quick shout for a signal report on the Laguna Beach repeater and received an immediate reply from Ray, AE6H. Although I mistakenly called him Richard. Hey, it’s been a year off the air – forgive me. Thanks to Ray for the quick sig report. It was “full quieting” BTW, thanks to my Arrow OSJ146 Dipole. Good to know all my equipment is still working perfectly, besides being shelved for a year. I was a little surprised that the 857 hadn’t forgotten any memory settings, but I guess the programming is ROM based instead of volatile RAM.

The old Vaio laptop is my QRZ and googling device. It’s running Ubuntu Linux with Cube desktop/Compiz. It also helps for these blog postings…

Back on the air