Yaesu FT-101E & FL-2100B Tune Up

This week I dusted off my FT-101 line and put it on the bench. It’s been out of commission for about a year and I wanted to make sure it’s still functioning. I’ve missed playing with this awesome rig and wanted to twist some dials on a “real” radio.

After setting it up on the bench and connecting the matching FL-2100B amplifier, I found that I didn’t fully remember the tune up procedure. I remembered about dipping the plate and tuning the preselect, which is the basics, but I couldn’t remember what plate current to watch for or the proper loading settings per the manual. This brought about some experimenting; After following the tune-up procedures per the manual, I discovered that advancing the LOAD setting on the radio produced an additional 10% output on SSB. I vaguely remember hearing another FT-101E user recommending this tactic.

Also, after tuning up the amplifier I found that output was only 250-300 watts SSB. Yes, the ALC wiring is connected to the back of the amplifier. AC power is 117VAC. Is the radio limiting output to the amp too much (ALC) , or is the amp not putting out full power?

If you’re familiar with this radio and amplifier setup, let me know what worked for you.  Here are some descriptive videos:


4 thoughts on “Yaesu FT-101E & FL-2100B Tune Up”

  1. Sweet looking station there .
    I have the Fl. 101 And the fr.101d the twins of the 101 series I also see you use A yaesu 857d I use one as well nice choice of rigs I also Have A Johnson Viking Valiant II With A Drake R4a I use on Am And A heathkit hw12 80 mtr ssb only rig.

    On the 857 I use The Md100 mic I find out it works better than the stock mic.
    the rest I use d104 mics

  2. You can switch the meter to PO and the mode switch to tune and peak preselect, loading , and plate to maximum once after the initial procedure then only peak loading and plate to max. no need to mess with the preselct again unless you want to go somewhere else on the band. Decrease power on the rig, then switch to am and meter to IC at .150 mils max. give some chatter and if the meter goes above .150 mils. decrease the carrier to .150. when talking, meter should move very slightly with voice peaks no more than .150

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