FT-101E off the bench and back on the air

Although I couldn’t find the cause of my FT-101E’s low output on 160 meter, I did finish the alignment of the other bands. Amazingly, the radio is peaking at 110-120 watts on 15-80 and 100 on 10 meter. Why is it amazing? These are the original tubes! I also took the time on the bench to repair the VOX switch and replace the mic cable of my Shure 444.

FT-101 on BenchFT-101E

Warm Tubes

After reassembly, I set it up temporarily in my office to play around on 40 and 80. Considering the limitations of my attic dipole antenna, I was pleased to ragchew on 40 and 80 for several hours. Before bedtime, I tuned back to 40 meter to listen to some of the broadcast stations coming in from overseas. I love the QSB sound of a broadcast station while listening on my FT101. The smell of the tubes, the warm glow in the evening… Some of the many reasons I will never part with this radio.