Dana Point Harbor – Backpack Portable

Today I trekked into Dana Point Harbor and setup a portable station for some 20 meter fun. It was a very nice day at 65f and sunny.

Equipment list:

  • Radio: Yaesu FT-857d @ 100 watts on SSB
  • Power: Uninterruptable Power Supply batteries; x2 6V 8aH in series
  • Antenna: home-brew 20 meter resonant dipole made from 20awg speaker wire
  • Structure: two eucalyptus trees

Here is a brief list of some of my contacts:

  • WX8J
  • K2DC
  • KA5PRO
  • VE6ACO
  • N2RRA
  • KD0DVS
  • WD5CBO
  • W5OU
  • KB0PAT
  • W5ZAX
  • KL2RD

Thanks to everyone who answered my CQ call! Conditions were really great for a few hours. Click [HERE] for my location via Google maps (look for the green arrow for my exact QTH).

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