Back on the air – in a HOUSE!

It’s finally happened, we bought a HOUSE and are out of the Condo. Never again will I need to attic-mount my antennas or fight the HOA! No shared walls, no attached neighbors, it’s awesome!

We’ve been here a few months, but haven’t had time to dedicate to the hobby. Today was the day! I used my day off today to unbox some of my gear and climb in the attic to run coax for a j-pole and a home-brew wire antenna. I also ordered a 100′ roll of LMR400 for my vertical, which is pending planning and installation.

After I did a rough-in connection to test my gear I was pleasantly surprised to find my 2 year old very interested int he mysterious voices coming from the radio. Without any instruction, she naturally knew to press the microphone button and say “Hello?”. We have a little ham in the making!